Taylor Bay on the island of Providenciales or Provo is one of the most spectacular sites on the island. The water is shallow, calm and clear for nearly a mile out. Turks and Caicos travelers staying on a resort on the Grace Bay side of the island will have to rent a car to get here. But it is well worth it. The bay is adjacent to Sapodilla Bay and although seemingly approachable when looking at a map, the parking is difficult. The roads leading up to the bay are lined with elite villas all on private property. So, while the beach is public, it’s access is limited due to parking limitations. What did we do? We strapped on backpacks with snacks, sunscreen, towels and water, parked the car in a safe and legal (we think) place, and used GPS on our phones to get us down there. It was so breathtaking, we did it again the next day. And the next. Happy travels! PS. There is little shade so bring a beach umbrella!

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